Age of Grit – Paypal Donation Page

To become an Age of Grit backer, choose a tier below:

Or click below to donate a different amount. If you’re already a backer and would like to upgrade to a new tier, click below and enter the necessary amount on the confirmation page. Make sure to specify your new tier when asked.

-A copy of AOG for PC or Mac when it is released! Retail price will be $15-$20.

-PDF version of “The West: A Traveler’s Compendium” a beautifully illustrated guidebook of the game world’s people, history, and lore.
-2 exclusive AOG wallpapers
-All ADVENTURER tier rewards

The game’s complete original sound track in digital format.
-All PILOT tier rewards

-Access to the closed beta once it’s available–your comments and feedback will help shape the game!
-Exclusive updates containing new art work, game progress, and behind the scenes developments.
-All GUNNERS tiers rewards

-A limited edition physical copy of “The West: A Traveler’s Compendium.” Add $9 for international shipping.

-Your name (or alias) will be found in a secret tome within the game, listed under the heading: “Legends of Western History.”
-All MECHANIC tier rewards

-A full color detailed cloth map of the game world to hang on your wall! Add $9 for international shipping.
-A signed copy of “The West: A Traveler’s Compendium.”
-A few surprise goodies included in your reward shipment!
-Backer’s name (or alias) will be found in a secret tome within the game, listed under the heading: “Great Explorers of the West.”
-All MECHANIC tier rewards

-Fully design a major NPC–a rival ship captain the player will meet in the game. Choose the character’s name, disposition, gender, personality, and help create his or her appearance. Our artists can base the portrait off of you or design it as you see fit. You’ll assist in writing dialog and deciding the ultimate outcome of the NPC.
-All MECHANIC tier rewards.

-A special limited edition handcrafted wooden “Age of Grit” sign!!! Each piece will be individually numbered and signed.
-ALL physical and digital rewards from previous tiers.
-A special mention near the top of the game’s credits!

Visit the Age of Grit Kickstarter for further details on each reward.