Impy is Coming to the App Store this Thursday!!!

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To be released Thursday, October 10, 2013!!! It will be free for the first week, after which the price will be $0.99. Make sure to check it out!

App Description:

Impy is an enthralling cave-flyer unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Perfect for short moments of free time. Some have called it the ultimate toilet game–your morning excretions will never be the same!!!

Since Impy was a tiny hatchling he dreamed of exploring the depths of the underworld. Now he is old enough to fly; to leave the nest and venture out into the abyss. Guide him through the vast kingdom of the imps, deep amongst the hot fires of the Earth’s core. Dodge fireballs, avoid vegetables (extremely toxic to imps), and feast on the finest delicacies the underworld has to offer. Find untold riches hidden in the endless bowels of Impy’s dark domain.

-journey across the underworld in a difficult, nail-biting, mind-scrambling, nosebleed-causing, tooth-shatteringly-awesome adventure
-conquer a long series of challenging quests and savor the sweet taste of victory
-enjoy dozens of amazing gear items–including a HAZMAT suit, a pretty sweet tomato hat, and a sinister goatee
-battle the world–contend with friends and other players through a competitive online ranking system
-original chiptune soundtrack by the legendary Beat Scribe himself!!!