Nimble Quest Follow Up

Just a follow up on the last post. I spent a few minutes with the web preview for Nimble Quest and I must say I’m pretty impressed–looks like it’ll be quite a fun little game. Works really well with a keyboard’s arrow keys–I wonder how well the controls will be on a touch screen though. Good art style, interesting RPG elements, lots of content/stuff to unlock. And I must say I have some majorly sick skills with this game. I could play it with my eyes closed and just smell the screen and know exactly what to do. I think I’m so awe¬†inspiringly¬†good at it because it handles similarly to Ms Pacman–a game I should probably be given some kind of presidential medal for being so good at.

Ms Pacman

Anyways I say check out Nimble Quest once its hits the App Store–it’ll be free so no reason not to.