Nimble Quest Follow Up

Just a follow up on the last post. I spent a few minutes with the web preview for Nimble Quest and I must say I’m pretty impressed–looks like it’ll be quite a fun little game. Works really well with a keyboard’s arrow keys–I wonder how well the controls will be on a touch screen though. Good art style, interesting RPG elements, lots of content/stuff to unlock. And I must say I have some majorly sick skills with this game. I could play it with my eyes closed and just smell the screen and know exactly what to do. I think I’m so awe inspiringly good at it because it handles similarly to Ms Pacman–a game I should probably be given some kind of presidential medal for being so good at.

Ms Pacman

Anyways I say check out Nimble Quest once its hits the App Store–it’ll be free so no reason not to.

Nimble Quest Web Preview

Well this is pretty cool. Touch Arcade is currently featuring a web preview for Nimble Bit’s upcoming game ‘Nimble Quest.’ So basically before the game comes out on mobile people can go to Touch Arcade and actually play the game on their browser. It’ll be playable until this coming Monday night. I’ve never seen a developer do something like this but it certainly shows off the coolness of the Unity engine–which lets you program the game once and then build it for iOS, Droid, PC, Mac, and even for the web. I’ve been leaning pretty heavily towards Cocos2dx for iqSoup’s next game but a maybe I should give Unity a second look.

Certainly an interesting and novel way to promote your game. I’m definitely taking notes. ‘Nimble Quest’ looks interesting and by all indications should be a pretty good game. No official release date yet (should be fairly soon) but take a gander at this game play video if your intrigued.  Nimble Bit typically makes unique and critically acclaimed games. They are renown for being one of the few developers that make quality free to play games for the App Store.

Check out the preview on Touch Arcade while its still up there.