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May 3, 2022



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Adventure across a Wild West world in a rickety, steampunk airship! Inspired by the likes of Firefly and the classic CRPGs of old. A unique setting filled with rich lore, deep stories, and adventure! Contend with outlaws, gunslingers, and bounty hunters in an epic quest for redemption and revenge!


  • freely explore a unique cowboy/steampunk setting
  • make yer way by trading, smuggling, bounty hunting, dueling, scavenging--whatever suits yer fancy
  • earn loot galore--upgrade your rickety airship with hundreds of steampunk goodies
  • lose yourself in deep story telling and epic world building
  • battle the airships of bandits and other villainous scum in a tactical, turn-based strategy combat system
  • visit dozens of detailed, lived-in towns
  • engage countless intriguing characters with in-depth dialog
  • relish in a 2D CRPG following the tradition of the great and venerated classics!

Game Discription

Step into the dusty boots of Jebediah Rockwell--the grizzled captain of a beat-up, steam-powered airship. You and your ship's crew will adventure across a vast, Wild West world in a story rich RPG!

Upgrade your airship with sharpshooting rifles, menacing Gatling guns, devastating cannons, and countless other loot items. Build your fortune with each job you do and with each outlaw your blast out of the sky. Try yer hand at bounty hunting, dueling outlaws, smuggling contraband--'bout anything to pay the bills and keep yer ship in the sky!

Travel from one Wild West town to the next, meeting interesting characters. A few might have a job to offer or cargo for you to haul. Others might be fixin' to just shoot you where you stand. At its core, Age of Grit is about the people you meet, what story they have to tell, and how you choose to interact with them.

When trouble comes, you'll battle enemy airships using a deeply strategic, turn-based combat system. Far from a button masher, AOG will require careful thought to achieve each victory. A heavy cannon might do well against a slow moving, heavily armored enemy, but perhaps a long-gun will be more effective when gunning down a more agile opponent. A machine gun might be powerful at first, but as the barrel overheats it's effectiveness will diminish. With clever strategy, a weaker ship can typically bring down a much stronger foe.

You can buy better machinery from one of The West's many shops and dealers, or you might be able to salvage better parts from the wreckage of a vanquished enemy's ship. As you improve your airship you’ll be able to take on bigger and more powerful foes and, in so doing, spread your fame across The West!


I'm Andy, creator of Age of Grit. I've always loved the idea of a crew of a ship flying around space and going on adventures. Whether it's Han Solo and company in the Empire Strikes Back, Revan, HK-47 and friends aboard the Ebon Hawk in KOTOR, or–who could possibly forget–Mal and his rag tag crew in Firefly. There's something just magical about it--the idea of going on adventures from the comfort of a mobile base/home with a crew who live and work together like a family. I especially love when our ship in question is not a spaceship but an airship of some sort--something about that makes it more grounded and--to me at least--super cool. Think Cloud and his NPC buddies on the Highwind in Final Fantasy VII or the Nebuchadnezzar captained by Morpheus in The Matrix.

These are the thoughts and feelings that formed the foundation for Age of Grit. I combined this love for a ship and her crew adventuring all about with my passions for steampunk and–of course–the Wild West. I mean, aren't cowboy's just awesome? But there's a problem with cowboys--to a degree your trapped by confines of history. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember anything about cowboy smugglers flying around airships during the 1800s. So I created a new and unique world: The West. I filled the world with everything that makes both westerns and steampunk cool: bounty hunters, airships, smugglers, Gatling-guns, outlaws, Gatling-guns, crazy steam powered contraptions, and most definetly tons of Gatling-guns.

After a Kickstarter to help raise initial funding (mostly used for artwork and music) followed my many years of grind my passion project is finally ready for full launch. I hope players have a blast and love the game world as much as I do! This has been a labor of love and I truly hope it shows!


Age of Grit Trailer YouTube

Disarmed - Animated Short YouTube


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  • "Age of Grit isn't agraid to have tis cake and build a mighty machine of gears and steam and engines to devour it too."
    - Ben Barrett, Rock, Paper Shotgun
  • "Age of Grit looks like a perfect example of a science fiction/steam punk hybrid that might intrigue those who are fans of Firefly or Cowboy Bebop."
    - Garret Glass, The Koalition
  • "Age of Grit folows the struggles and adventures of a lone airship owned and controlled by the player...It also seeks to create the unlikely amalgam of steampunk and cowboys, inspired mostly by science fiction smugglers and gritty traders."
    - RMandal, IGM
  • "The most remarkable thing about Age of Grit, however, is its great RPG elements... Characters will be suitably fleshed-out, and your characters will progress in way that demands thought and attention to synergy."
    - Nathaniel Liles, CLIQIST
  • "Firefly meets steampunk – and Final Fantasy meets the Wild West – in a local develop's turn-based RPG."
    - Alex Ferri, arizona/gamer
  • "Rather than being spoon-fed boring fetch quests, you'll instead need to track down various NPCs in each town – all of whom have unique personalities and agendas – and chat them up to see what exactly looks like your best bet going forward."
    - Clovis L. Dye Jr., iFanzine

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