Ridiculous Fishing – Go Buy It Right Now!!!

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This game is pure awesomeness!!! I saw the official trailer and was immediately sold–so much so that I ended up watching the trailer two more times just to take all the awesomeness in. Before I knew what was going I had subconsciously navigated to Ridiculous Fishing on the app store, purchased, and downloaded the awesome piece of awesomeness and was staring at the loading screen with wide eyes and bated breath.

And despite my high expectations the game delivered. The game is just awesome–plain and simple.

Ridiculous Fishing 1Its a fishing game, but then again it really isn’t. In most fishing games you cast your line by mashing the X button at the right time and then you usually move the line back and forth to try to attract a fish. Then a fish comes along and the game has you hook it and reel it in by somehow simulating the turning motion of the reel. Its the “typical fishing” been done about a thousand times–and every time the formula makes for a pretty boring game–at least IMHO. I mean fishing in real life can be pretty boring too–most of its just standing around waiting for something to happen. I’m been fishing a number of times and I’ve yet to catch a single fish. FUN!!! But I guess I just suck at fishing and I guess at least in real life your outdoors, relaxing, and enjoying nature and such. When your playing a fishing game on the CRT TV in your mom’s basement the pixelated fishing pond doesn’t really provide the same experience. Not sure why people keep making these boring games but they do and they are always really boring–again, IMHO.

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So back to Ridiculous Fishing. It’s a fishing game only in that the game is about fishing for fish, but in every way possible it departs from the typical boring fishing game formula. You cast your line into the sea and as your lure descends your job is to dodge fish as long as possible–so your line can get as deep as possible. This is accomplished by tilting your device from side to side–something I’m not always a huge fan of, but the tilt controls are pretty solid so I don’t mind. Then, when you finally make contact with a fish or when you run out of line your lure gets reeled back up. Now your objective is reversed–you try to hit as many fish as possible, with each you hit getting hooked.

By the end you have like 50 fish all on your single hook–which is pretty awesome. Then your line reaches the surface and all the fish you hooked are launched into the air. This is where the game gets REALLY awesome–your fisher dude takes a gun out and blasts away at all the fish. To “catch” a fish you have to shoot it before it hits the ground.

You get paid money for each fish–with some fish earning more than others. You can then use the money to buy longer lines, new lures, better guns, and other gear. You can even buy a chainsaw lure that lets you plow through fish on the way down–letting you get deeper and thus catch more fish. See what I mean about the awesomeness???

screenshot 2The game is super solid, with a really strong sense of progression. The loot/gear system is done really well and keeps you constantly coming back for more. There’s also a drive to keep getting a little deeper than before–its pretty satisfying when you get past your “record depth” marker and set a new record. You also have a fish pokedex type thing that keeps track of the various different fish species you’ve caught. Catching more species will open new areas

screenshot 3The art style works really well and feels great. This game is really fleshed out with lots of attention to the little details of the game. There is seemingly endless content–its the kind of game that someone could play for years and years and never really get sick of. The devs seem like really cool and funny guys (watch this TA Plays to see what I mean) and their sense of humor really carries over into every facet of the game. Clearly this was a work of love–not like lots of the garbage out on the App Store these days.for fishing–each with interesting new fish.

Its a premium priced game–$2.99–but I like that. No IAP to speak of to ruin the game–which is rare these days. For 3 bucks you get a game worth ten times its price. I highly recommend picking up Ridiculous Fishing–we need more games like this on the App Store.